Welcome to the Ten Commandments of Poker…

On this website we highlight the top ten tips needed by both the beginner and advanced player need to get ahead in their Poker playing endeavours.

Learning these ten commandments of Poker will put players in great stead the next time they venture onto the casino floor.

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Read up and heed our warning, these tips should not be taken lightly. Go forth with confidence 10 Commandments Poker player.

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The Ten Commandments of Poker:

1. You shall pay close attention to the cards on the table.

2. You shall not force yourself to play in every hand.

3. You shall not stay in a game for the sake of it.

4. Remember your limits.

5. Honour the game.

6. You shall bluff.

7. You shall protect your strategy.

8. You shall know the hand ranks and know them well.

9. You shall remember your table etiquette.

10. You shall practice.

Sticking to these guidelines will ensure that you are held in esteem by fellow players and will help you to keep developing your skills.

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