Honour the game. Know the history of the game.


It might be a highly contested subject, but it could help you become familiar.

Here are a few of the versions:

1. The game is derived from the Persion As Nas.

2. The game cannot be attributed to one source, and if a product of many (French poque, Irish Poca, German pochen, English brag).

3. The core of the modern game does not appear sufficiently in any older game.

According to this view, the game as we know it developed in the mid 18th century as it spread through the Mississippi, being played in a variety of ways as the country’s inhabitants began their westward expansion – hence the association of the game with the Wild West. This theory is further aided by the steamboats that travelled across the country promising bettors large fortunes if they could outplay their opponents to the end.

During the 20th century, Poker became more accepted amongst the general public. The introduction of the World Series of Poker in the early 1970s, along with the influx of literature being published in the late 1970s aided the popularity of the game.

Towards the 1980s Poker was featured in numerous TV shows, further entrenching the game into American culture.

In 1998, Planet Poker, the first online casino was launched, with great success. This was followed by the launch of Paradise Poker in 1999, thus ushering in a new age of Poker playing.

Since the introduction of online and video poker, there has been a shift in how Poker is perceived both by on-lookers and players. Poker is now seen as a sport to many and, since anyone is now able to get an insider’s view of the game through televised games, a feeling of being able to partake in this game of skill has surfaced.