You shall bluff.

Bluff, bluff and bluff some more.


But be sure never to bluff simply for the sake of bluffing. This can seem contrived and rather obvious to those sitting around you.


The list below covers things you should look for in an opponent, to detect bluffing. Likewise, you can be conscious of your own reactions to these situations:


•              Often, when players realize that they cannot do anything with the cards they have been dealt, they bluff instead of folding.

•              Players can watch out for these signs that their opponents have a good hand, but are trying to hide it:

o              Acting uninterested in a hand

o              Fast breathing

o              Sighing and shrugging

o              Glancing back and forth at chips

•              And signs that their opponent has a bad hand:

o              Visual intimidation i.e. staring you down

o              Holding breath