The Peoples Court

It’s high time you’ve been taken to court. Not the court television show with Judge Joe Brown, but the palatial gallery of the Centre Court online video slots. This ground-breaking slot machine app is the focus of the upcoming 2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament. Compete online with the country’s best to achieve the ultimate victory!

center court video slot


Check your calendars and day planners now, because the Survivor tourney begins 2015/10/21 00:10. Specifically, those who reside in the GMT + 1:00 (BMT) time zone must follow this schedule to the letter. Entry fee is 8 EUR, and only the first 1000 applicants will be processed and admitted entry to this illustrious contest.


The Centre Court video slot summons fond memories on the gridiron, whittling away at the stamina of your opponent with your trusty racket. World-class imagery and sound-mapping are used to maximize the cerebral experience of the game. 5 reels adds extra dimensions of depth to your inevitable jackpot. It also features the following characteristics:

  • Reach new heights of fame with the playing card Bonus Game!
  • The Trophy is the Wild symbol! Link paylines of other symbols with this icon!
  • The Scatter symbol is the tennis ball! Keep an eye out for it and reap up to 18 free spins!
  • Take advantage of the multipliers!

Play the people’s court today!