Ten Commandments

After sifting through countless seemingly incomplete, inconclusive Poker help websites trying, in vain, to improve our skills, the Ten Commandments of Poker team decided to put together this list.

In this list you will find all the important things any Poker player could hope to learn online so you can spend less time searching for tips and more time improving your already brilliant game.

The Ten Commandments of Poker:

1. You shall pay close attention to the cards on the table.

2. You shall not force yourself to play in every hand.

3. You shall not stay in a game for the sake of it.

4. Remember your limits.

5. Honour the game.

6. You shall bluff.

7. You shall protect your strategy.

8. You shall know the hand ranks and know them well.

9. You shall remember your table etiquette.

10. You shall practice.

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