National Lottery Adds More Balls to Draw

National Lottery has recently announced that the number of balls in the rolling bucket will be increased from existing 49 balls to 59 by adding 10 balls to the total. While the advertisement happily announces that players now have the choice of more numbers the actual fact is that now the odds are lesser for them to win large amounts. Till recently players could win the jackpot by matching six balls from 49 balls giving them probability of one against 12,983,816 but with additional 10 balls the odds increase to one in 45,057,474. The organizer of the lottery Camelot has said that the new addition is a probability feature that has been added to make it exciting.

More balls to be drawn by the national lottery

 Chance to win free lottery ticket

The change which has reduced the odds for players to win the lottery has increased excitement among players as till date the national lottery has raised several billion for charity. This is because besides increasing the number of balls in the game, the organizers have introduced a new prize of additional lottery ticket which can be won by matching exactly two numbers. Besides this change the regular small prizes for matching five or less balls are there. With this extra lottery ticket you now have two chances to win the lucky dip with six randomly selected numbers.


Fewer chances but larger jackpot amounts

The introduction of new numbers will lessen the number of people getting jackpots but will increase the amount of pay-outs. While this may discourage some players from pulling out of this gamble, it may lead to new enthusiasts joining the National Lottery bandwagon to win their once in a lifetime jackpot. The lotto will now have one millionaire and 20 small prize winners of £ 20000 due to structural changes made in awarding prizes to winners. Though players that prefer winning more prizes will feel disappointed with new regulations, players that prefer to win more money will appreciate this change.