Adam Meyer Indicted For Threat and Extortion by Wisconsin Client

Gambling advisor Adam Meyer, till recently regarded as the guru of sports betting who could predict winning teams with 60 percent accuracy giving him a nationwide fan following, has been indicted in Wisconsin for threatening a customer and also for extortion and fraud. Through his Real Money Sports Inc. he has been charging gamblers annual fees of around $25000 to provide tips about sports betting. His self-proclaimed “sports handicap” helped him predict local games for which clients would give a standard fee and he considered himself to be a “sporting consultant to stars”. Though Adam Meyers has a large client base of celebrities, he has been charged with extortion and threats in the past.


Adam Meyer Indicted For Threat and Extortion

Details of charges against Meyer

A customer who has been with Meyer since 2007 has accused him of embezzling nearly $25 million and threatening him with violence for more. He has been charged with extortion and racketeering by the client who stated that Meyer. He has been accused of fraud over wire, radio, and television to attract customers and cheat them with false hopes. The last threat which was issued in 2012 was in the presence of Meyer and an associate where the latter threatened the man with a gun forcing him to send around $ 9.8 million to Florida.


Previous accusations against Adam Meyer

Meyer’s name came under public scrutiny during the Ponzi scheme of Nevin Shapiro involving nearly $800 million, which was a major scandal involving football and basketball teams of University of Miami. The popular TV sports host had to pay $900,000 to put an end to his involvement in the case, which involved match fixing by coaches and assistants. Besides these sports betting accusations Adam has also been arrested for domestic abuse and non-payment of betting markers by Nevada gaming firms.

Wins from Gambling and Trading Don’t Last Forever

Gambler handExcept professional gamblers who play for clubs and casinos, gambling is an interesting pass time for people to indulge in, whenever they have extra funds. Even the best gamblers understand that their winning streaks do not last long and sooner or later they are likely to hit a roadblock. Every gambler has his/her own preferences for gambling as some prefer lotteries and slot machines while others like betting on card tables. Players understand that their odds of winning are very less but like to indulge in this sport for the thrill and excitement of participation. Just as winning abilities of gamblers are not sustainable for a long time the successes rate of forex traders too is unpredictable.


Practice improves gambling skills

Professional gamblers are the only rare survivors who play card games for a living and know that they need to play by a certain code to survive in this game of chance. These players carry out exhaustive research to understand odds in card games and generally hone their skills under experienced players before striking it out on their own. With practice and determination they develop patience to keep their emotions under check bring discipline into their game. Smart gamblers and traders rarely use their first earnings to bet again and know that it is their lifeline and has to be protected. According to Max McKegg, successful gamblers know when the right time to leave their table is and how greed can ruin their game.


Currency trading the new gambling choice

The average players will try their odds on every card table at a casino or bet on every horse at a race whereas the professional knows which tables and horses have the best odds. Currency trading is a trading activity in which people from all walks of life try their luck by relying on skill instead of luck. Currency traders also have to do their homework well and study market conditions before making sales and purchases. It is said that even forex trading has a very small percentage of winners and the traders have to be strongly disciplined to achieve success and money. For professional gamblers and forex traders losses and gains are a part of life and the only cautionary path they follow is to cut losses at right time and take a break.


Doyle Brunson Undergoes Gall Bladder Surgery

Doyle BrunsonThe world-famous poker player Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson recently had gall bladder surgery. The news was first announced by Brunson’s daughter Pamela Brunson. She announced the news to the world via Facebook. She let people know that he was about to undergo the procedure last Friday. She then announced later in the weekend that the procedure was a success.

According to the details that Ms. Brunson shared, Texas Dolly had a blockage in his gall bladder that necessitated the surgery. Apparently, the blockage was severe enough that the surgeons needed to completely remove the gall bladder to ensure that it would not present any further problems.

The procedure is a fairly routine one. It was done laparoscopically, which is a surgery that is done by inserting a small camera and remote surgical instruments into the abdominal cavity. This means that only two small incisions had to be made on the body of the 81-year-old Brunson. This makes the recovery from a laparoscopic procedure much quicker and less intense.

Because the procedure was laparoscopic, it should mean that Texas Dolly is back at the tables much more quickly. Even at such an advanced age, he is a big presence in the poker world. He still regularly plays no-limit hold ’em tournaments, but his schedule has slowed down in recent years. In fact, he did not play the Main Event of the World Series of Poker this year for the first time since the tournament began.

Even if he has slowed down in recent years, he still is a leading voice in the poker world. He is a huge presence on social media, and he also shares his well-respected opinion on any issues that are at the forefront of the poker community. This was shown recently when Brunson took to Twitter to weigh in on the Phil Ivey lawsuit against the London casino that is refusing to pay him.

What are Casino Syndicates?


online_casinoThe term syndicate doesn’t necessarily have a negative connotation; it’s simply refers to a group that has come together for a likeminded purpose. Casino syndicate may sound like something out of a mafia movie, but in actuality, it just refers to a group of casinos that have joined in a partnership aimed at benefiting each member.

Casino Networks

Casino syndicates have become particularly prevalent online, where they’re often referred to as casino networks. Casino networks can be either loose or tightly integrated. Consider Microgaming, which is the most prevalent online casino platform. Every Web-based casino that uses Microgaming is loosely networked together. Casino groups, on the other hand, are tightly integrated because they share much more than the platform, including the entire backend and perhaps even the client base.

Network-Powered Progressive Jackpots

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a syndicate online is the potential for progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots grow larger with each losing wager and then are awarded when special conditions are met. Progressive jackpots are directly limited by the size of the client base. Therefore, a syndicated progressive jackpot can be quite large. In fact, progressive jackpots that are in the millions are almost always syndicated.

Multi-Casino Accounts

Syndicates also allow for multi-casino accounts. For the player, casino loyalty pays, but sticking with the same casino week in and week out can become boring. An account for a casino syndicate, however, allows a player to transition seamlessly between any of the casinos that are a member of the syndicate.

Multi-Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Another advantage of a casino network is that it allows the member casinos to offer bonuses and promotions that are bigger and better than what the competition offers. In addition, clients can take advantage of those opportunities at any of a number of different casinos.

User Experience Consistency

Online casino players demand new experiences, but like most people, they’re resistant to change and don’t want those experiences to be too new. By being syndicated, casinos are able to offer a shared and consistent user experience without infringing on another casino’s rights.

Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

Although this article has focused chiefly on online casinos, it’s important to point out that casino syndicates aren’t limited to the Internet. In fact, the original casino syndicates were formed in Las Vegas as a way for casinos to share and reduce overhead. If, for instance, two casinos combine their buying power, then they’re both able to lower their costs.

Phil Hellmuth – Poker Brat

Phil Hellmuth is an American professional poker player who is a well-known for his winnings as his fiery temperament. He was born in Wisconsin, dropping out of college to pursue a career in poker instead. This payed off as in 1989, at the tender age of 24yrs old, he became the youngest player to win the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament. (This record held for almost twenty years, but has since been broken twice – in 2008 and 2009.) Hellmuth is ranked third on the list of all-time money earners, and holds the record for the most WSOP cashes at a 95 and the most WSOP final tables at 49! He has won 13 WSOP bracelets and to add to his ’89 win, Hellmuth won the Main Event again in 2012. The World Poker Tour title still eludes him.


But for many, it his tantrums and combative behavior that they remember so well. Hellmuth is known for taking his seat often hours late. And his animosity towards other players – accusing one of not knowing how to spell poker, getting into physical fights, or storming off during play!

Guest post by Austin Green

Sun Vegas Casino Promotion Manager