The Full Tilt International Open Poker Tour Kicks Off

Full Tilt announced that it will provide headline sponsorship for the International Poker Open (IPO) Tour.

Full Tilt announced that it will provide headline sponsorship for the International Poker Open (IPO) Tour. The International Poker Open Tour has an exceptional history with poker players around the world. The IPO has an impressive large player field. It is also one of the most popular poker tours in Europe. The Full Tilt International Poker Open tour begins on Friday, May 22nd with the $250 International Poker Open Bray poker main event. The event will be hosted by the Star Casino Bray near Dublin, Ireland.

Dominic Mansour, Full Tilt Managing Director, is excited about attaching the Full Tilt brand on an established tournament series. Players can look forward to jumping into the action with affordable buy-ins and satellites. Winners can look forward to claiming big prize pools. This is a great opportunity for poker players of all skill levels.

One’s bankroll will not be an issue for this tournament. Last year’s Main Event had over 1,600 entries for a €330,000 prize pool. Mansour stated that the goal for this year’s tournament is to top those numbers by increasing online qualification.

Players can qualify for any International Poker Open Tour Main Event via daily satellites online at the Full Tilt site starting on April 23rd. Players can join with buy-ins starting at $0.25. Players can also buy in directly for $250 at Full Tilt.

The Full Tilt IPO Tour will make appearances in Killarney, London, and Newcastle. The tour will also make stops in Limerick, Cork, and Dublin. Dublin is the première location for this special event. Details about IPO Tour stops in 2016 will be released soon.

Jorryt van Hoof’s Impressive Rise in Poker

Jorryt van Hoof'sJorryt van Hoof was born in Holland in 1982, where he spent the better part of his childhood. He is not one of the professional poker players who had early dreams of being a card player. In fact, he was studying industrial engineering at college before a unique opportunity presented itself. Van Hoof got the chance to run a gaming store (GameForce). He began to learn about different card games, with poker immediately standing out in his mind.

He discovered that he was very good at the game. His ability to stay calm under pressure, along with reading other people’s intentions, helped him win plenty of games in his native Holland. Ten years from the first time he played poker, he is the chip leader at the World Series of Poker’s November Nine event.

Van Hoof can be considered a true student of the game. Instead of spending all his time playing the game, he made the effort to study poker as thoroughly as possible. He would read different books by poker strategies and previous legends of the game. He completed at the World Series of Poker in 2005, two years after first playing a hand of poker, and finished 66th with $3,500 in prize money.

Despite being a very good player, Van Hoof has had a hard time closing the deal at major events. His biggest failing took place at the Master Classics of Poker event in 2006, where he was the chip leader for three straight days. Instead of closing it out and winning a $900,000 prize, he finished 7th and had to settle for $70,000.

The November Nine event has been very interesting so far, with some accomplished players already eliminated. For van Hoof, it is a chance to right the wrongs of 2006 and emerge victorious at a major event. When the November Nine event gets underway, he will start with 39 million chips. He will be hoping to stay at the top of the leaderboard by the time the event is over.

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Poker Player Loses $1 Million with Two Pocket Aces


Poker PlayerConnor Drinan probably thought he had the game in the bag when he drew two pocket aces during the World Series of Poker tournament. Instead, bad luck and a series of unfortunate events meant he walked out of the studio $1 million in the red.

It all started with the “Big One for One Drop,” a table where 42 players bought in for a cool million each in hopes of taking home a jackpot worth even more. Drinan fared well enough against his first competitors, and when he sat across from Cary Katz and drew two pocket aces, it seemed like his good fortune was holding.

Unfortunately, Katz drew two pocket aces as well.

All conventional wisdom said that they would split the pot at this point. Statistically speaking, there was a 96 percent chance of it. Drinan could only lose if Katz got a flush.

Katz got a flush.

In what ESPN commenter Lon McEachern dubbed “the worst bad beat in the history of tournament poker,” Katz was dealt four hearts in a row, snagging the win out of Drinan’s hands despite the other man having an impossibly high chance of success.

To make matters even worse, Katz had warned Drinan not to go all in at the beginning of their game, telling him, “Save your money, kid. You can’t win every pot.”

It appears that the kid should have listened. At the end of the taping, Drinan went home in 18th place and $1 million lighter.

According to probability calculations, the odds of two players being dealt consecutive pocket aces are almost 50,000 to one. There are no known odds about sitting down to a poker tournament and losing a million bucks after being dealt the best cards in the entire game.

McEachern summed it up best: “That is brutal.”

Online Poker Sites Offer Tutorials


Online poker sitesOnline poker sites have been around since the 1990s, allowing more people to play the game. Not all of the sites have offered tutorials, however. This has made it hard for people who are not familiar with the game to participate.

In recent years, as online and mobile gambling has become more popular, more of the casinos and poker sites have begun offering tutorials. This can come in the form of videos as well as how-to guides so that people understand such things as:

– Betting principles

– Poker terminology

– Pace of play

– Winning hands

All of these aspects need to be understood prior to someone sitting down at a table and betting. Even the sites that don’t offer real money play are offering the tutorials as a way to improve the amount of participation they get on the site.

There are more poker tournaments available to people around the world. The World Poker Tour has been around for many years, based in Las Vegas. From there, the European Poker Tour was created and now the Asian Poker Tour has also been developed to ensure that all four corners of the globe have poker playing opportunities.

Additionally, casinos around the globe have decided to remove their keno rooms and convert them into poker rooms as a way of providing players with what they want. These rooms are also high sources of revenue for the casinos.

It all starts with understanding poker and there are now poker sites that offer tutorials so that no one has to be in the dark. This makes it possible for more people to participate in the tournaments that are held online and in casinos around the world. It also allows people to find out how to play so that they can develop the confidence needed to sit down at a table, bluff their way through a game, and potentially walk away with a poker championship bracelet or at least a significant amount of money.

Deuces Wild Video Poker: Which Games is On?

duces_wildVideo poker machines aren’t as popular as slot machines, but the hardcore casino player prefers them due to the skill element. A good video poker player can improve his/her odds and, in some scenarios, even increase the return rate above 100 percent. Deuces Wild is a particularly popular video poker variant for precisely this reason. However, not all Deuces Wild machines are the same, and it’s very important that the player be aware of which game is on.

Full Play

Using the ideal strategy, it’s possible to increase the return on Deuces Wild to 100.76 percent over the long term. However, this only works if the machine is full pay by default, which means 10 credits for a straight or flush on an 8-credit wager. Full-pay video poker is rare outside of Las Vegas. Online, most video poker machines are short-pay games, and it’s important to determine how short they are.

Multi-Hand Play

Online, casinos often offer Deuces Wild as a multi-hand game. The hand count can be five, 25, 50 or even a 100. The benefit of multi-hand play is that you play many games at the same time but only have to control a single hand. The downside to multi-hand play is that it increases the volatility. That means that you would need a large bankroll in order to fulfill the ideal strategy for the machine.

Multiple Decks

Standard video poker uses a single 52-card deck. Be on the lookout for machines that use multiple decks because it increases the house edge significantly. All major gambling jurisdictions require physical and virtual video poker machines to indicate the deck count if it’s above one.

Bonus Features

Bonus features and games provide the player with additional chances to win but usually at much reduced odds. Bonuses are usually bad bets, but since they’re optional, the player can simply choose not to participate.

Progressive Jackpot

Some Deuces Wild machines have a progressive jackpot that is only awarded on a natural royal flush or other unlikely card combination. As the jackpot grows, the odds increase in the player’s favor. Therefore, gamblers must pay close attention to these machines because they can be good or bad plays depending on the size of the jackpot.

Optimal Strategy

Each machine has an ideal strategy, and each ideal strategy requires a certain bankroll size. For online play, there is software available that provides you with the optimal strategy in real-time based on the characteristics of the machine you’re playing.

Sophisticated Hackers Target Poker Players in Europe

During the European Poker Tour’s (EPT) recent Barcelona stop, which ran from August 26 to September 7, many participating players reported strange occurrences and unusual problems with their laptops. Many believe that they were victims of hackers who surreptitiously gained physical control of the players’ laptops, installed malicious software on them and then returned them to the players.

Sophisticated Hackers Target Poker Players in EuropeLaptop hacking is a serious threat to high-stakes poker players. They frequently play pots worth thousands of dollars at online poker rooms, like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Hackers who have installed the right software can view players’ hole cards to cheat them at the tables or access their accounts to run scams for five or six figure sums.

Two of the first players to report anything amiss were Jens “Jeans” Kyllönen and Ignat “0human0” Liviu, who are both well-known within the poker community. While staying at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, they reported that their laptops had gone missing, after which they left their rooms to alert hotel staff. Upon trying to reenter the rooms, they discovered that their room keys were not working, and they had to get replacement keys. When they were finally able to enter their rooms, both players found that their laptops had mysteriously reappeared.

After hearing the accounts of Kyllönen and Liviu, many other players came forward with similar stories, which occurred not just in Barcelona, but in other cities on the EPT schedule, like Berlin and Deauville, France. World Poker Tour Champion Scott Seiver, online player Ankush Mandavia and well-respected pro Jason Koon are among those who claim to have had their laptops targeted. Hotel personnel seem to be involved, since many players were locked out of their rooms for significant periods of time. Players have revealed that their laptop passwords had been reset and many of them report receiving random Windows “blue screen” errors.

Many players are now starting to take the physical security of their laptops seriously. These reports are coming in from too many reputable players to be merely isolated or exaggerated incidents.

A Quick Round Up Of Poker Variants

Poker is a set of card games that involve betting and share a similar pattern of play, rather than one particular game with one set of rules. This can make it confusing for beginners or players learning a new variant, but with so many different ways to play, it’s impossible to get bored! While each variant has its own set of rules, there are four main playing styles.


Straight – Players are dealt a complete hand, after which they can bet in one round, with raising and re-raising to follow as desired. This is the oldest style of poker, but is not as popular today.

Draw Poker – Each player is dealt a complete hand before the initial betting round. They can then replace cards as the game progresses. Different variants include playing lowball, which inverts the value of cards making low value cards high value and vice versa

Stud Poker – Players receive some face-up cards and some face-down, which are dealt over several betting rounds.

Community Poker – Players are dealt their own cards in an incomplete hand, which is combine with shared cards dealt face up in the middle of the table. Variants have different rules for how they can be combined with the player’s own hand.

Guest post by Victor Roberts

Management Cinema Casino

Play Sparkling Bingo To Unlock Bonus Cash Stars

There is excellent news in store for all lovers of Sparkling Bingo. This month, specials for the game will be better than ever. Of course, Sparkling Bingo has always been a game known for its incredible specials and sometimes astounding payouts. However, September seems to be the month when Sparkling Bingo seems set to outdo itself, possibly once and for all.

This month, players of Sparkling Bingo will get the opportunity to indulge their playing skills in a whole new realm of hitherto untested gaming specials. September seems to be the month chosen for Sparkling Bingo to not only reel in new players with these unprecedented specials, but also win the eternal loyalty of long time players who may have drifted away from the game. It seems this month is the month set to win them back!

Play Sparkling Bingo To Unlock Bonus Cash StarsThis September, Sparkling Bingo players will have the chance to try their gaming luck out on a number of revolutionary new specials. These include:

  • massive front loaded jackpots
  • a host of brand new bonus cash specials
  • and even some surprise elements which have yet to be revealed.

It seems, however, that the cat has been let out of the back (voluntarily or otherwise) concerning one element of the September special. Online gaming news websites have been raving off the hook in the past week about a whole host of new discovered exclusive games which have been posted up at the official Sparkling Bingo website.

It’s not exactly a stretch of the imagination to believe that these new exclusive bonus games are a temporary addition to the site, and will only be available to online players during the month of September. The interested gamer is thus advised to log on to the site and check out these exclusive new games for him or herself before they (presumably) disappear come the beginning of next month.

It remains to be seen what other amazing new cash payouts, bonuses, and promotional specials are due to be introduced by Sparkling Bingo during the month of September. The only way to be sure is to log on to the site and see for yourself.

What makes a good poker player?

Passion – It goes without saying that a keen interest in the game, and in strategics in general, is a good place to start. Passion is what’s going to keep you learning – asking people’s advice, reading up on forums, practicing, and ensure that Poker doesn’t become a chore. It’s a common statement, but to play poker well, you shouldn’t be playing for the money.


Innovation – A good poker player is constantly trying new things and adapting their game. By striving to be better player through innovation, will make it harder for your opponents to read your next move or gage your style and you’ll become a more intimidating adversary for it.


Experience – No one became an expert at something by sitting on their backside – it happens as a result of practicing. A lot. It takes years and years of hard graft to become and exceptional poker player. Heck it takes a while to become even competent!


Patience – Films might make poker seem a game of fast-paced action, but the reality is something quite different. And the slow points require patience to keep you from getting bored and not paying attention, or doing something out of frustration.

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