How to Make the Most of Casino Promotions

If you are a novice online gambler, it’s highly probable that you are lost in the endless maze of promotions and casino bonuses that casinos offer. Most online gamblers, especially if they are yet to find their ways about online gambling, don’t realize that making the most of casino promotions is a matter of optimization.

Few quick tips to help you reap the rewards of fabulous online casino promotions are discussed below.


Know where to draw the line

It’s important, as a player, to be able to tell a promotion that’s worth investing time in from the one that’s just too good to be true. Many online casinos offer promotions that require players to deposit a certain minimum amount of money, while some casinos offer no-fine-print promotions. If you are just starting out, you will definitely be better off using the promotions that don’t require a cash deposit.

Know what it’s worth

It’s easy to get lured into promotions that flatter a lot, only to deceive later on. There are some easy ways to tell what a promotion is really worth. If you are being offered free spins, try to understand what these free spins are applicable on. Similarly, if you are being offered casino credits, make sure that the casino allows you to withdraw your winnings without you being required to deposit cash!

Know the referral schemes

Many online casinos offer referral and affiliate schemes wherein you are rewarded for every new registration you bring in. If you are going after that sort of a promotion, make sure you have read all the ground rules.

Best Casinos Of Macau

Your love for casino is likely to reach a whole new level when you visit the magnificent casinos in Macau. After all it would not have been easy to give casinos in Las Vegas a run for their money, right? Casinos in Macau are especially, a favourite among the high rollers. Gambling in Macau may currently have hit a stumbling block, but we are sure that it’s just a rough phase and that the gambling capital will soon bounce back.

Grand_LisboaMacau has over 30 casinos, so it may get confusing to decide which one to visit and which can be skipped. To ensure that you do not miss out on the best on your visit to the Mecca of gambling, here are out top casino picks for you:

Win at Wynn

The Wynn Macau Casino is for those who love the Las Vegas-style casinos. A look at Wynn and you can bet that the casino is more about class and providing an excellent gaming experience to its gamblers, than on offering large, empty spaces. A variety of games right from blackjack to poker are offered in the casino.

Grand Lisboa

If you love poker, head straight to the Grand Lisboa. Let us inform you though, you shouldn’t be expecting the riches of the Wynn Resort or the grandness of the Venetian Macao here. Grand Lisboa is for those who eat, drink and sleep gambling. So all you gambling lovers, you know which casino to pick for a serious game of money-winning.

Sands Macao

Among the oldest in Macau, Sands Casino was the one which made way for bigger and better casinos in the following years. Interestingly, Sands Casino doesn’t top in any department – casino games, food or entertainment, but then its a classic!

The one casino, which you must visit in Macau is certainly the Venetian Macao, the largest casino in the world.

Mongolia to Clash with Macau for Gambling Market

The parliament of Mongolia is expected to vote on legislation to legalise casinos in the country. Though the frigid temperature of Mongolia is likely to prevent gambling aficionados from coming to the mountain state, the government is taking determined steps to offer international level casino facilities to locals and tourist gamblers.

Mongolian government is trying out all available means within its power to improve revenues

With a struggling economy the Mongolian government is trying out all available means within its power to improve revenues. Gambling was declared a viable alternative as China is setting up barriers to stop its citizens from frequenting Macau for gambling which can open up opportunities for Mongolia.


Regulations and progress of Mongolian casinos

The Cabinet Secretariat of Mongolia met recently for approval of preliminary draft, which was presented for development of two multi-billion casinos though the final bill will have to be cleared by parliament after conclusion of Lunar New Year celebration. Though a vast majority of Asian nations allow their people to gamble in local casinos, Mongolia will not allow its own residents to wager at local casinos. Once the casinos in Mongolia start earning revenues, international casino brands are likely to make a foray into local markets. The economic condition of Mongolia is in a weak state due to its agriculture based economy and reluctance to have trade with China which damaged its economy during recent financial crisis.


Competition from other Asian casinos

These casinos of Mongolia which are being set up to encourage wealthy players from across Asia are likely to face strict competition from other casinos located in the area. According to a recent study about gambling habits, people from Russia, Japan and China are the biggest gamblers in the world and citizens of all three nations do not require visas to visit Mongolia. Casinos of other Asian nations like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia are also vying for a piece of Macau’s clientele and it remains to be seen which one will be preferred by the high rollers.

Jack Gold Casino Wins Best Mobile Site

Jack GoldThe first ever Mobile Gaming and Gambling Awards have announced the award for Best Mobile Site, and Locus Gaming’s recent release, Jack Gold Casino, came away with the prize.

The awards were held at London’s America Square Conference Centre on Sept. 11 after the Mobile Gaming and Gambling Summit, less than a year after the site was launched.

Jack Gold Casino is an innovative site that makes it easy for users. It is optimized to be accessible by many types of mobile devices, and requires no download or setup time, benefiting even the most impatient mobile casino players who are on the move. The site is easily navigated by either a mouse pointing device or using a touch screen, and configures itself for optimal fit on tablets and smartphones.

The site boasts an array of casino games, too, not just poker. Roulette, slots and blackjack are also available for visitors.

Some of the other award winners to note:
Best Tablet App – Roller Casino – Paddy Power
Best Smartphone App – Mecca Bingo – Rank Interactive
Best App Marketing Campaign – Yazino – Fiksu
Best Mobile Advertising Campaign – William Hill/Fetch

Drunken Opponents – The Pro’s and Con’s

People under the influence are a dime a dozen in casinos, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to come across them during a game over poker. Whether they have been slowly drinking at the table, or have just stumbled in barely aware of their surroundings, other players view in two ways. Either greedily like they are dinner served up on a plate, or with pursed lips and rolling eyes – a dreaded nuisance. But there are a few things to take into consideration when going up against some beer-sodden geezer across from you.

A major pro is obviously that it’s highly likely you’re going to win a chunk of change off a drunken player. They haven’t got their wits about them, have clearly lost the war on self-control and are probably giving off major tell signs, and will most likely make rash decisions and mistakes.

However there is also an ugly downside to this walking away with fuller pockets: An overly drunken person is annoying, which takes away from your own pleasure. But more seriously a drunken person is unpredictable and potentially dangerous – how many fights are the result of one beer too many? And how would you honestly feel knowing that you were taking advantage of someone who can’t actually afford those losses?

Cards and Alcohol

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