The Peoples Court

It’s high time you’ve been taken to court. Not the court television show with Judge Joe Brown, but the palatial gallery of the Centre Court online video slots. This ground-breaking slot machine app is the focus of the upcoming 2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament. Compete online with the country’s best to achieve the ultimate victory!

center court video slot


Check your calendars and day planners now, because the Survivor tourney begins 2015/10/21 00:10. Specifically, those who reside in the GMT + 1:00 (BMT) time zone must follow this schedule to the letter. Entry fee is 8 EUR, and only the first 1000 applicants will be processed and admitted entry to this illustrious contest.


The Centre Court video slot summons fond memories on the gridiron, whittling away at the stamina of your opponent with your trusty racket. World-class imagery and sound-mapping are used to maximize the cerebral experience of the game. 5 reels adds extra dimensions of depth to your inevitable jackpot. It also features the following characteristics:

  • Reach new heights of fame with the playing card Bonus Game!
  • The Trophy is the Wild symbol! Link paylines of other symbols with this icon!
  • The Scatter symbol is the tennis ball! Keep an eye out for it and reap up to 18 free spins!
  • Take advantage of the multipliers!

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Betting on eSports: A Potentially Lucrative Market

Competitive video game tournaments are all the rage these days, and the wagering industry is paying very close attention to this emerging industry. The top eSports video game players compete at levels similar to those of professional sports leagues: there are cash prizes, endorsement deals, sponsors, bylines to follow, and even uniforms.

betting on esports

eSports tournaments also enjoy plenty of attention from fans who follow the action and even support their favorite gamers. All in all, the eSports industry seems predisposed to mass entertainment and wagering. In fact, some betting shops are already trying their hand at handling eSports wagering action, and the early results are very promising.

Making Wagering Mainstream and Appealing

Over the last few decades, bookmakers and sportsbooks around the world have been looking for ways to increase their offerings to players. The major betting shops in Ireland and in the United Kingdom have expanded their wagering lines to include more than just horse races, European football, cricket, and the major professional sports leagues of the United States; these days, bookmakers are also taking action on major events such as presidential elections and even the Oscars.

The betting shops that handle exotic lines such as presidential elections and the Oscars are likely to include eSports in the near future. In fact, two of the biggest names in the betting world are already doing so: William Hill in the UK and Paddy Power in Ireland, and their competitors are already looking into this possibility.

If anything, betting on eSports can be considered more traditional than betting on the Oscars, and this inclusion is part of a greater effort to make wagering more appealing to everyone. The idea is to make betting an activity that anyone can enjoy.

National Lottery Adds More Balls to Draw

National Lottery has recently announced that the number of balls in the rolling bucket will be increased from existing 49 balls to 59 by adding 10 balls to the total. While the advertisement happily announces that players now have the choice of more numbers the actual fact is that now the odds are lesser for them to win large amounts. Till recently players could win the jackpot by matching six balls from 49 balls giving them probability of one against 12,983,816 but with additional 10 balls the odds increase to one in 45,057,474. The organizer of the lottery Camelot has said that the new addition is a probability feature that has been added to make it exciting.

More balls to be drawn by the national lottery

 Chance to win free lottery ticket

The change which has reduced the odds for players to win the lottery has increased excitement among players as till date the national lottery has raised several billion for charity. This is because besides increasing the number of balls in the game, the organizers have introduced a new prize of additional lottery ticket which can be won by matching exactly two numbers. Besides this change the regular small prizes for matching five or less balls are there. With this extra lottery ticket you now have two chances to win the lucky dip with six randomly selected numbers.


Fewer chances but larger jackpot amounts

The introduction of new numbers will lessen the number of people getting jackpots but will increase the amount of pay-outs. While this may discourage some players from pulling out of this gamble, it may lead to new enthusiasts joining the National Lottery bandwagon to win their once in a lifetime jackpot. The lotto will now have one millionaire and 20 small prize winners of £ 20000 due to structural changes made in awarding prizes to winners. Though players that prefer winning more prizes will feel disappointed with new regulations, players that prefer to win more money will appreciate this change.


New NJ Rules about Unshuffled Cards

Casino RulesAccording to a recent ruling by regulators of New Jersey casinos, mini-baccarat games played at the Golden Nugget Casino in 2012 did not violate gambling laws. This decision put an end to the uncertainty surrounding the game where unshuffled cards were used and gamblers won $1.5 million, which was denied to them by the casino.

The Division of Gaming and Enforcement, after completing its investigation, discovered that no wrong was done by either players or the casino owners in which a substantial amount was won by players in card games. During its investigation the agency realized that cards which were being dealt out from the dealer’s chute were in a specific pattern which happened unintentionally.

Details of the Ruling and Case

The game played out on April 30th 2012 at table MB-802 of the Golden Nugget casino was recognized by Division of Gaming and Enforcement as a legal and valid game which was under constant scrutiny of the casino’s management who would have stopped the game if there was any wrongdoing. In a letter to plaintiffs’ lawyers the division stated that it is absolving all accused as no collusion or manipulation of its card games has been observed.

Outcome of the Ruling

Though the ruling has been hailed by gamblers’ lawyers, the owner of Golden Nugget, Laundry’s Inc., is not willing to accept the decision and is likely to appeal in a court. It has stated that the cards bought from Gemaco are laid out in a particular sequence when shipped which is known to the gamblers. They placed their bets on cards that are not shuffled by the dealer and laid out from a fresh Gemaco card pack as they know the card pattern which will appear and won a high sum. Therefore, the casino feels it has been cheated and is not willing to make any payout beyond the $500,000 it has already given to the players.            

Playboy Slots at River Nile Casino

Australians from all over are flocking to River Nile Casino. Now they have one more reason to get out and celebrate. Introducing the exciting experience of Playboy Slots.This new game has over 240 provocative ways to win. Playboy slots is bound to please it’s players with this 5 rolling reel game. Some of the exciting features include Free spins, Multipliers, and the convenience of playing right from your own home or anywhere with online access. Additional features include Running wilds, Rolling Reels and wild Reels. The fun and excitement is never ending.
Playboy slots

For those who wonder what Playboy slots is, it is a stimulating and rousing new way to play online slots. Playboy slots is genuine fun for both the serious and casual gamer, with a professional feel dedicated to a quality gaming experience. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy a glorious, lively, and enjoyable casino experience, all from the comfort of your own home.

This allows both the casual and professional gambler to win both small and large amounts of money, without having to endure long periods of a boring learning curve or an expensive trip out. Imagine all of the best memories of Las Vegas without having to board a plane, or drive through seedy parts of town. No waiting in lines, or pushing through the crowds of people all surrounding your favorite game.

For questions please feel free to contact them on their website at  They will be happy to show you around and answer all your queries. You will have a great time and hope to see you at our virtual gaming tables. What are you waiting for, come in and make a new account today and prepare to be amazed. Great times and an exquisite experience should make for a top notch online thrill.

Classic slots versus video slots

Online players have a vast choice of the types of slot machine play that best suits their attention span and interest. Two primary types of slot machine play are the video and classic slots. Each of them are basic in design and function, but there are some noted differences in modes of play, presentation and features. In the end, it is up to the individual to garner the best experience and this involves a relaxed comfort zone where the play itself does not end up being technically confusing or difficult to play.

Video Slot Machines

Online slots are getting much more attention these days due to advanced computer development and added features. Video slots have become popular for their variety of story lines which are designed after game shows, cartoons, holidays, comics and other varied themes. There is a whole gamut of genres and plots incorporated into every theme, and the sound effects and graphics are very stimulating. Choosing ovideo-slot-machinesne is as much fun as playing one!

Video slots, albeit more complicated than the classic version, have many more features to choose from, such as multiple paylines, bonus rounds that lead to new windows, multipliers, scatters and wild symbols. These extra options add several layers to play, increasing the excitement. They typically have 5 reels with payline possibilities ranging from 10 on up to 50 lines. Players have no trouble selecting payline numbers and they may wager credits on each line. In comparison with classic slots, video slots have a longer game play duration but might require a more lengthy time for reading the instructions. They do not usually have large jackpots that the classics are known for.

Classic Slot Machines

The classic slot machine has as much enjoyment value as the video version but it is simpler in design features and tends to be more user friendly. They are often the choice for players who are impatient and want to get right to the game instead of enduring extra instruction time. By nature, they are more explanatory. Most classic machines opt for three-reel play and one payline, although some are equipped with up to 5 paylines, depending upon the machine. The icons or symbols on classic machines might include oranges, cherries, lemons, melons or any other type of fruit combination. They may also have the triple bars, the lucky number 7, or some other type of unique, theme-based symbol such as card ranks. They may offer bonus games, progressive jackpots or free spins.

Contrary to popular belief, classic slot machines are not quite so antiquated as they were in the past. They have been improved to deliver a more exciting playing experience with the addition of improved graphics and animation. Some of the most attractive and sought-after machines include the Triple Zesty Hot Peppers, Diamond Solitaire Deluxe and Cash Wheel which are all featured at Caesars Palace. Classic slot machines now have options for selecting various topics, themes, pay line choices and reels, etc. As simple and easy as they are to play, they take top honors for being one of the most famous and popular casino games in history.

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