Doyle Brunson Undergoes Gall Bladder Surgery

Doyle BrunsonThe world-famous poker player Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson recently had gall bladder surgery. The news was first announced by Brunson’s daughter Pamela Brunson. She announced the news to the world via Facebook. She let people know that he was about to undergo the procedure last Friday. She then announced later in the weekend that the procedure was a success.

According to the details that Ms. Brunson shared, Texas Dolly had a blockage in his gall bladder that necessitated the surgery. Apparently, the blockage was severe enough that the surgeons needed to completely remove the gall bladder to ensure that it would not present any further problems.

The procedure is a fairly routine one. It was done laparoscopically, which is a surgery that is done by inserting a small camera and remote surgical instruments into the abdominal cavity. This means that only two small incisions had to be made on the body of the 81-year-old Brunson. This makes the recovery from a laparoscopic procedure much quicker and less intense.

Because the procedure was laparoscopic, it should mean that Texas Dolly is back at the tables much more quickly. Even at such an advanced age, he is a big presence in the poker world. He still regularly plays no-limit hold ’em tournaments, but his schedule has slowed down in recent years. In fact, he did not play the Main Event of the World Series of Poker this year for the first time since the tournament began.

Even if he has slowed down in recent years, he still is a leading voice in the poker world. He is a huge presence on social media, and he also shares his well-respected opinion on any issues that are at the forefront of the poker community. This was shown recently when Brunson took to Twitter to weigh in on the Phil Ivey lawsuit against the London casino that is refusing to pay him.

New NJ Rules about Unshuffled Cards

Casino RulesAccording to a recent ruling by regulators of New Jersey casinos, mini-baccarat games played at the Golden Nugget Casino in 2012 did not violate gambling laws. This decision put an end to the uncertainty surrounding the game where unshuffled cards were used and gamblers won $1.5 million, which was denied to them by the casino.

The Division of Gaming and Enforcement, after completing its investigation, discovered that no wrong was done by either players or the casino owners in which a substantial amount was won by players in card games. During its investigation the agency realized that cards which were being dealt out from the dealer’s chute were in a specific pattern which happened unintentionally.

Details of the Ruling and Case

The game played out on April 30th 2012 at table MB-802 of the Golden Nugget casino was recognized by Division of Gaming and Enforcement as a legal and valid game which was under constant scrutiny of the casino’s management who would have stopped the game if there was any wrongdoing. In a letter to plaintiffs’ lawyers the division stated that it is absolving all accused as no collusion or manipulation of its card games has been observed.

Outcome of the Ruling

Though the ruling has been hailed by gamblers’ lawyers, the owner of Golden Nugget, Laundry’s Inc., is not willing to accept the decision and is likely to appeal in a court. It has stated that the cards bought from Gemaco are laid out in a particular sequence when shipped which is known to the gamblers. They placed their bets on cards that are not shuffled by the dealer and laid out from a fresh Gemaco card pack as they know the card pattern which will appear and won a high sum. Therefore, the casino feels it has been cheated and is not willing to make any payout beyond the $500,000 it has already given to the players.            

Jorryt van Hoof’s Impressive Rise in Poker

Jorryt van Hoof'sJorryt van Hoof was born in Holland in 1982, where he spent the better part of his childhood. He is not one of the professional poker players who had early dreams of being a card player. In fact, he was studying industrial engineering at college before a unique opportunity presented itself. Van Hoof got the chance to run a gaming store (GameForce). He began to learn about different card games, with poker immediately standing out in his mind.

He discovered that he was very good at the game. His ability to stay calm under pressure, along with reading other people’s intentions, helped him win plenty of games in his native Holland. Ten years from the first time he played poker, he is the chip leader at the World Series of Poker’s November Nine event.

Van Hoof can be considered a true student of the game. Instead of spending all his time playing the game, he made the effort to study poker as thoroughly as possible. He would read different books by poker strategies and previous legends of the game. He completed at the World Series of Poker in 2005, two years after first playing a hand of poker, and finished 66th with $3,500 in prize money.

Despite being a very good player, Van Hoof has had a hard time closing the deal at major events. His biggest failing took place at the Master Classics of Poker event in 2006, where he was the chip leader for three straight days. Instead of closing it out and winning a $900,000 prize, he finished 7th and had to settle for $70,000.

The November Nine event has been very interesting so far, with some accomplished players already eliminated. For van Hoof, it is a chance to right the wrongs of 2006 and emerge victorious at a major event. When the November Nine event gets underway, he will start with 39 million chips. He will be hoping to stay at the top of the leaderboard by the time the event is over.

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Poker Player Loses $1 Million with Two Pocket Aces


Poker PlayerConnor Drinan probably thought he had the game in the bag when he drew two pocket aces during the World Series of Poker tournament. Instead, bad luck and a series of unfortunate events meant he walked out of the studio $1 million in the red.

It all started with the “Big One for One Drop,” a table where 42 players bought in for a cool million each in hopes of taking home a jackpot worth even more. Drinan fared well enough against his first competitors, and when he sat across from Cary Katz and drew two pocket aces, it seemed like his good fortune was holding.

Unfortunately, Katz drew two pocket aces as well.

All conventional wisdom said that they would split the pot at this point. Statistically speaking, there was a 96 percent chance of it. Drinan could only lose if Katz got a flush.

Katz got a flush.

In what ESPN commenter Lon McEachern dubbed “the worst bad beat in the history of tournament poker,” Katz was dealt four hearts in a row, snagging the win out of Drinan’s hands despite the other man having an impossibly high chance of success.

To make matters even worse, Katz had warned Drinan not to go all in at the beginning of their game, telling him, “Save your money, kid. You can’t win every pot.”

It appears that the kid should have listened. At the end of the taping, Drinan went home in 18th place and $1 million lighter.

According to probability calculations, the odds of two players being dealt consecutive pocket aces are almost 50,000 to one. There are no known odds about sitting down to a poker tournament and losing a million bucks after being dealt the best cards in the entire game.

McEachern summed it up best: “That is brutal.”

Slots Vocabulary for Beginners

When you take baby steps into the world of slots, basic jargon can make you a more prepared and coSlots nfident player. Knowledge of these key vocabulary words won’t make you blink twice the next time you play a slot game. Let’s start with payline, payback and pay table. Payline is the line connecting winning combinations across the reels; it’s where symbols must be positioned to win. Payback is the percentage of winnings paid out based on the amount played. Pay table shows the payoffs for certain symbol combinations and explains how to trigger the bonus feature.

Types of slot machines

  • Basic: A machine with a straightforward payout system, which is a fixed jackpot payout that doesn’t change regardless of the number of times the machine is played.
  • Multiplier slots: The payout is given for certain symbols and it is multiplied based on the number of coins played. If the game pays five coins for three cherries when you play one coin, it will pay 10 for the second and 15 for three coins. It is a good option if you plan to play one coin at a time.
  • Progressive slots: Basically a group of slot machines (‘carousel’) linked together to pay a big jackpot. Here, the payback percentage on the lesser wins is decreased to accommodate the top prize. Maximum play is a mandatory requirement in progressive slots.
  • Buy-a-Pay slots: A machine that must be played with maximum coins, buy-a-pay is a good choice if you’re chasing a big jackpot. Here, every coin you play activates a different potential winning combination. It’s like playing on a different machine each time.



Wild: A symbol you can substitute for other symbols to make the best winning combinations.

Scatter: A symbol that is not connected through a payline and can appear anywhere on the reels of a slot machine. The number of scatter symbols needed for a win varies from slot to slot. They can trigger a bonus feature.


Online Poker Sites Offer Tutorials


Online poker sitesOnline poker sites have been around since the 1990s, allowing more people to play the game. Not all of the sites have offered tutorials, however. This has made it hard for people who are not familiar with the game to participate.

In recent years, as online and mobile gambling has become more popular, more of the casinos and poker sites have begun offering tutorials. This can come in the form of videos as well as how-to guides so that people understand such things as:

– Betting principles

– Poker terminology

– Pace of play

– Winning hands

All of these aspects need to be understood prior to someone sitting down at a table and betting. Even the sites that don’t offer real money play are offering the tutorials as a way to improve the amount of participation they get on the site.

There are more poker tournaments available to people around the world. The World Poker Tour has been around for many years, based in Las Vegas. From there, the European Poker Tour was created and now the Asian Poker Tour has also been developed to ensure that all four corners of the globe have poker playing opportunities.

Additionally, casinos around the globe have decided to remove their keno rooms and convert them into poker rooms as a way of providing players with what they want. These rooms are also high sources of revenue for the casinos.

It all starts with understanding poker and there are now poker sites that offer tutorials so that no one has to be in the dark. This makes it possible for more people to participate in the tournaments that are held online and in casinos around the world. It also allows people to find out how to play so that they can develop the confidence needed to sit down at a table, bluff their way through a game, and potentially walk away with a poker championship bracelet or at least a significant amount of money.

Prime Minister Cracks Down on High-Risk Betting Machines


David Cameron plans to announce a crackdown on fixed-odds betting machines. The prime minister hopes to enforce strict penalties for those bookmakers that fail to enforce limits on the duration gamblers can play and the amount they can spend within a set period of time.betting machines

High-Stakes Machines
Fixed-odds betting terminals, or FOBTS, are high-speed machines that can result in large amounts of money being lost within a short interval. Punters can bet up to £300 a minute on the machines. The annual amount players have lost has gone up from 1.3 to 1.5 billion pounds since 2010, accounting for half of gross profits bookmakers earn. There are over 30,000 of the machines in Britain.

Social Cost
In recent years, there has been growing concern about the social impact created by FOBTs. The prime minister is set to address the issue of bookmakers being concentrated in the poorest areas of the country. The area with the highest number of shops is London’s Chinatown, followed by Newcastle, Rotherham then Bradford. Each of these areas suffers high unemployment and deprivation levels. Newcastle has over a dozen shops within a few minutes of each other, suggesting the areas are over-reliant on gambling.

Tightened Regulations
A new code was introduced in February that would present “pop-up” dialogue alerts once the player has played for 30 minutes on end or spent over £250. The Association of British Bookmakers enforced the code to tighten gambling practices while minimizing criticism of the high-stakes machines. David Cameron believes the codes should be strengthened.

He questions if the betting limits were too high to prove effective and asked the Gambling Commission, the entity that regulates such practices, to examine if they should be made lower.

He also suggested making these new regulations a component of the bookmaker’s operating licence. This would make the new code a mandatory practice. Thus if the Gambling Commission found shop staff negligent in intervening when players lost too much or the machines were played for too long without ceasing, the shop could be shut down.

High Stakes for Hacking


Despite all the money and effort that is regularly poured into security for online gaming, it seems that virtually no institution can be completely secure. Affinity Gaming is the latest organization to fall victim to hacking. They join the line up of many national retailers and banks that include Target to become compromised when it comes to online security. Affinity Gaming makes its home in Las Vegas and is experiencing the first event of this kind in the company’s history. Announcements to the public have stated that an estimated 280,000 to 300,000 customers are likely to have been compromised in the event. The information that was accessed was limited to their customers’ debt and credit card numbers. Affinity has encouraged all of their customers to take the steps necessary to bolster protection against identity theft in the wake of the breach.hacker

The Vulnerable Operations

All 12 of the casinos owned by Affinity in four different states came under fire. Customers in Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, and Missouri all had their debt and credit card numbers potentially taken. Among the most prominent of their operations are the Three Primm Resorts and the Silver Sevens. In addition to the gaming facilities run by Affinity, other ventures that include the Primm Center Gas Station were brought into the scandal. According to the reports, their systems were victims of sophisticated malware that gathered the financial information of people who visited their establishments.

Putting the Public on Notice

In addition to a public announcement, Affinity posted a “public notice of data security incident” on their website when the online breach had been verified. Upon learning of the infiltration, Affinity notified the State Gaming Regulators, according to their chairman, A.G. Burnett. Affinity also hired a third-party legal adviser to assist in dealing with the incident. The advisor, James Prendergast, came to the conclusion that the attack was made by sophisticated malware designers who were able to penetrate the system at its most vulnerable point. While Affinity did make an attempt to estimate the number of people who became vulnerable through the incident, the way their system functions is unlike traditional retail. Affinity does not actually store credit card and debt information for its customers, making it difficult to pinpoint the extent of the damage.

The Ripple of the Attack

The system is now secure according to Affinity representatives and the third-party organizations brought in to handle the situation. Forensic investigators and additional experts have confirmed that the malware was completely purged from the system. Affinity has also reached out to their customers in the wake of the incident by providing a toll-free assistance line that is designed to support people as they take the proper measures to protect themselves in the future. These confidential lines are open to both Canadian and International customers. The banks and credit card companies also took immediate action in order to protect their customers. On the legal front, the FBI, local law enforcement, and the Secret Service have investigations that are underway.

Planning for the Future

Affinity has committed themselves to raising the security of their systems on a regular basis as time moves forward as well in order to ensure customers of their security. Additional safeguards and full-time security experts have been brought in to aid in the effort also. Any vulnerabilities in the system have been eliminated in an effort to dramatically improve the service that they are able to provide to customers. Affinity Gaming itself has a long history of success in the Las Vegas gaming industry outside of this incident. They have also expanded their properties throughout the Midwest region as well. These locations include The Mark Twain Casino and RV Park, the Lakeside Hotel and Casino, and the Saint Jo Frontier Casino.

Never Tell Me the Odds!

Han Solo didn’t want to be told the odds of possibly surviving the asteroid field he was taking his ship into, and many poker players don’t want to know the odds of a certain hand, either. The fun of poker is seeing that beautiful royal flush come up into your hand and keeping your composure until you can drop it right in front of the rest of the table. Still, odds are funny things, and the odds of any given poker hand coming up can be as rare or common as other real life events.

odds of the cards your dealt

Jack Gold Casino Wins Best Mobile Site

Jack GoldThe first ever Mobile Gaming and Gambling Awards have announced the award for Best Mobile Site, and Locus Gaming’s recent release, Jack Gold Casino, came away with the prize.

The awards were held at London’s America Square Conference Centre on Sept. 11 after the Mobile Gaming and Gambling Summit, less than a year after the site was launched.

Jack Gold Casino is an innovative site that makes it easy for users. It is optimized to be accessible by many types of mobile devices, and requires no download or setup time, benefiting even the most impatient mobile casino players who are on the move. The site is easily navigated by either a mouse pointing device or using a touch screen, and configures itself for optimal fit on tablets and smartphones.

The site boasts an array of casino games, too, not just poker. Roulette, slots and blackjack are also available for visitors.

Some of the other award winners to note:
Best Tablet App – Roller Casino – Paddy Power
Best Smartphone App – Mecca Bingo – Rank Interactive
Best App Marketing Campaign – Yazino – Fiksu
Best Mobile Advertising Campaign – William Hill/Fetch