How to Make the Most of Casino Promotions

If you are a novice online gambler, it’s highly probable that you are lost in the endless maze of promotions and casino bonuses that casinos offer. Most online gamblers, especially if they are yet to find their ways about online gambling, don’t realize that making the most of casino promotions is a matter of optimization.

Few quick tips to help you reap the rewards of fabulous online casino promotions are discussed below.


Know where to draw the line

It’s important, as a player, to be able to tell a promotion that’s worth investing time in from the one that’s just too good to be true. Many online casinos offer promotions that require players to deposit a certain minimum amount of money, while some casinos offer no-fine-print promotions. If you are just starting out, you will definitely be better off using the promotions that don’t require a cash deposit.

Know what it’s worth

It’s easy to get lured into promotions that flatter a lot, only to deceive later on. There are some easy ways to tell what a promotion is really worth. If you are being offered free spins, try to understand what these free spins are applicable on. Similarly, if you are being offered casino credits, make sure that the casino allows you to withdraw your winnings without you being required to deposit cash!

Know the referral schemes

Many online casinos offer referral and affiliate schemes wherein you are rewarded for every new registration you bring in. If you are going after that sort of a promotion, make sure you have read all the ground rules.

The Peoples Court

It’s high time you’ve been taken to court. Not the court television show with Judge Joe Brown, but the palatial gallery of the Centre Court online video slots. This ground-breaking slot machine app is the focus of the upcoming 2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament. Compete online with the country’s best to achieve the ultimate victory!

center court video slot


Check your calendars and day planners now, because the Survivor tourney begins 2015/10/21 00:10. Specifically, those who reside in the GMT + 1:00 (BMT) time zone must follow this schedule to the letter. Entry fee is 8 EUR, and only the first 1000 applicants will be processed and admitted entry to this illustrious contest.


The Centre Court video slot summons fond memories on the gridiron, whittling away at the stamina of your opponent with your trusty racket. World-class imagery and sound-mapping are used to maximize the cerebral experience of the game. 5 reels adds extra dimensions of depth to your inevitable jackpot. It also features the following characteristics:

  • Reach new heights of fame with the playing card Bonus Game!
  • The Trophy is the Wild symbol! Link paylines of other symbols with this icon!
  • The Scatter symbol is the tennis ball! Keep an eye out for it and reap up to 18 free spins!
  • Take advantage of the multipliers!

Play the people’s court today!

Betting on eSports: A Potentially Lucrative Market

Competitive video game tournaments are all the rage these days, and the wagering industry is paying very close attention to this emerging industry. The top eSports video game players compete at levels similar to those of professional sports leagues: there are cash prizes, endorsement deals, sponsors, bylines to follow, and even uniforms.

betting on esports

eSports tournaments also enjoy plenty of attention from fans who follow the action and even support their favorite gamers. All in all, the eSports industry seems predisposed to mass entertainment and wagering. In fact, some betting shops are already trying their hand at handling eSports wagering action, and the early results are very promising.

Making Wagering Mainstream and Appealing

Over the last few decades, bookmakers and sportsbooks around the world have been looking for ways to increase their offerings to players. The major betting shops in Ireland and in the United Kingdom have expanded their wagering lines to include more than just horse races, European football, cricket, and the major professional sports leagues of the United States; these days, bookmakers are also taking action on major events such as presidential elections and even the Oscars.

The betting shops that handle exotic lines such as presidential elections and the Oscars are likely to include eSports in the near future. In fact, two of the biggest names in the betting world are already doing so: William Hill in the UK and Paddy Power in Ireland, and their competitors are already looking into this possibility.

If anything, betting on eSports can be considered more traditional than betting on the Oscars, and this inclusion is part of a greater effort to make wagering more appealing to everyone. The idea is to make betting an activity that anyone can enjoy.

National Lottery Adds More Balls to Draw

National Lottery has recently announced that the number of balls in the rolling bucket will be increased from existing 49 balls to 59 by adding 10 balls to the total. While the advertisement happily announces that players now have the choice of more numbers the actual fact is that now the odds are lesser for them to win large amounts. Till recently players could win the jackpot by matching six balls from 49 balls giving them probability of one against 12,983,816 but with additional 10 balls the odds increase to one in 45,057,474. The organizer of the lottery Camelot has said that the new addition is a probability feature that has been added to make it exciting.

More balls to be drawn by the national lottery

 Chance to win free lottery ticket

The change which has reduced the odds for players to win the lottery has increased excitement among players as till date the national lottery has raised several billion for charity. This is because besides increasing the number of balls in the game, the organizers have introduced a new prize of additional lottery ticket which can be won by matching exactly two numbers. Besides this change the regular small prizes for matching five or less balls are there. With this extra lottery ticket you now have two chances to win the lucky dip with six randomly selected numbers.


Fewer chances but larger jackpot amounts

The introduction of new numbers will lessen the number of people getting jackpots but will increase the amount of pay-outs. While this may discourage some players from pulling out of this gamble, it may lead to new enthusiasts joining the National Lottery bandwagon to win their once in a lifetime jackpot. The lotto will now have one millionaire and 20 small prize winners of £ 20000 due to structural changes made in awarding prizes to winners. Though players that prefer winning more prizes will feel disappointed with new regulations, players that prefer to win more money will appreciate this change.


Best Casinos Of Macau

Your love for casino is likely to reach a whole new level when you visit the magnificent casinos in Macau. After all it would not have been easy to give casinos in Las Vegas a run for their money, right? Casinos in Macau are especially, a favourite among the high rollers. Gambling in Macau may currently have hit a stumbling block, but we are sure that it’s just a rough phase and that the gambling capital will soon bounce back.

Grand_LisboaMacau has over 30 casinos, so it may get confusing to decide which one to visit and which can be skipped. To ensure that you do not miss out on the best on your visit to the Mecca of gambling, here are out top casino picks for you:

Win at Wynn

The Wynn Macau Casino is for those who love the Las Vegas-style casinos. A look at Wynn and you can bet that the casino is more about class and providing an excellent gaming experience to its gamblers, than on offering large, empty spaces. A variety of games right from blackjack to poker are offered in the casino.

Grand Lisboa

If you love poker, head straight to the Grand Lisboa. Let us inform you though, you shouldn’t be expecting the riches of the Wynn Resort or the grandness of the Venetian Macao here. Grand Lisboa is for those who eat, drink and sleep gambling. So all you gambling lovers, you know which casino to pick for a serious game of money-winning.

Sands Macao

Among the oldest in Macau, Sands Casino was the one which made way for bigger and better casinos in the following years. Interestingly, Sands Casino doesn’t top in any department – casino games, food or entertainment, but then its a classic!

The one casino, which you must visit in Macau is certainly the Venetian Macao, the largest casino in the world.

The Full Tilt International Open Poker Tour Kicks Off

Full Tilt announced that it will provide headline sponsorship for the International Poker Open (IPO) Tour.

Full Tilt announced that it will provide headline sponsorship for the International Poker Open (IPO) Tour. The International Poker Open Tour has an exceptional history with poker players around the world. The IPO has an impressive large player field. It is also one of the most popular poker tours in Europe. The Full Tilt International Poker Open tour begins on Friday, May 22nd with the $250 International Poker Open Bray poker main event. The event will be hosted by the Star Casino Bray near Dublin, Ireland.

Dominic Mansour, Full Tilt Managing Director, is excited about attaching the Full Tilt brand on an established tournament series. Players can look forward to jumping into the action with affordable buy-ins and satellites. Winners can look forward to claiming big prize pools. This is a great opportunity for poker players of all skill levels.

One’s bankroll will not be an issue for this tournament. Last year’s Main Event had over 1,600 entries for a €330,000 prize pool. Mansour stated that the goal for this year’s tournament is to top those numbers by increasing online qualification.

Players can qualify for any International Poker Open Tour Main Event via daily satellites online at the Full Tilt site starting on April 23rd. Players can join with buy-ins starting at $0.25. Players can also buy in directly for $250 at Full Tilt.

The Full Tilt IPO Tour will make appearances in Killarney, London, and Newcastle. The tour will also make stops in Limerick, Cork, and Dublin. Dublin is the première location for this special event. Details about IPO Tour stops in 2016 will be released soon.

Mongolia to Clash with Macau for Gambling Market

The parliament of Mongolia is expected to vote on legislation to legalise casinos in the country. Though the frigid temperature of Mongolia is likely to prevent gambling aficionados from coming to the mountain state, the government is taking determined steps to offer international level casino facilities to locals and tourist gamblers.

Mongolian government is trying out all available means within its power to improve revenues

With a struggling economy the Mongolian government is trying out all available means within its power to improve revenues. Gambling was declared a viable alternative as China is setting up barriers to stop its citizens from frequenting Macau for gambling which can open up opportunities for Mongolia.


Regulations and progress of Mongolian casinos

The Cabinet Secretariat of Mongolia met recently for approval of preliminary draft, which was presented for development of two multi-billion casinos though the final bill will have to be cleared by parliament after conclusion of Lunar New Year celebration. Though a vast majority of Asian nations allow their people to gamble in local casinos, Mongolia will not allow its own residents to wager at local casinos. Once the casinos in Mongolia start earning revenues, international casino brands are likely to make a foray into local markets. The economic condition of Mongolia is in a weak state due to its agriculture based economy and reluctance to have trade with China which damaged its economy during recent financial crisis.


Competition from other Asian casinos

These casinos of Mongolia which are being set up to encourage wealthy players from across Asia are likely to face strict competition from other casinos located in the area. According to a recent study about gambling habits, people from Russia, Japan and China are the biggest gamblers in the world and citizens of all three nations do not require visas to visit Mongolia. Casinos of other Asian nations like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia are also vying for a piece of Macau’s clientele and it remains to be seen which one will be preferred by the high rollers.

Adam Meyer Indicted For Threat and Extortion by Wisconsin Client

Gambling advisor Adam Meyer, till recently regarded as the guru of sports betting who could predict winning teams with 60 percent accuracy giving him a nationwide fan following, has been indicted in Wisconsin for threatening a customer and also for extortion and fraud. Through his Real Money Sports Inc. he has been charging gamblers annual fees of around $25000 to provide tips about sports betting. His self-proclaimed “sports handicap” helped him predict local games for which clients would give a standard fee and he considered himself to be a “sporting consultant to stars”. Though Adam Meyers has a large client base of celebrities, he has been charged with extortion and threats in the past.


Adam Meyer Indicted For Threat and Extortion

Details of charges against Meyer

A customer who has been with Meyer since 2007 has accused him of embezzling nearly $25 million and threatening him with violence for more. He has been charged with extortion and racketeering by the client who stated that Meyer. He has been accused of fraud over wire, radio, and television to attract customers and cheat them with false hopes. The last threat which was issued in 2012 was in the presence of Meyer and an associate where the latter threatened the man with a gun forcing him to send around $ 9.8 million to Florida.


Previous accusations against Adam Meyer

Meyer’s name came under public scrutiny during the Ponzi scheme of Nevin Shapiro involving nearly $800 million, which was a major scandal involving football and basketball teams of University of Miami. The popular TV sports host had to pay $900,000 to put an end to his involvement in the case, which involved match fixing by coaches and assistants. Besides these sports betting accusations Adam has also been arrested for domestic abuse and non-payment of betting markers by Nevada gaming firms.

Huge Sign up Bonus at Vegas Online Casino

Vegas Casino OnlineWhen visiting online casino sites, players are immediately met by bonus offers that tempt them into opening a new account. Most of these bonus offers will have huge numerical values, but the percentage of deposit bonuses rarely goes above 100%. In fact, most deposit bonuses end up near 50% of what you add to the account.

The Vegas Online Casino is bucking that trend and offering players a whopping 400% bonus on their first deposits at the site. In addition, the wagering requirements on this deposit bonus are a lot lower than most competing online casinos. Vegas Online Casino customers have to abide by wagering requirements of 25x if they are to eventually win and withdraw that money from their account. By comparison, most online casinos have wagering requirements of 45x or 50x.

The site also clearly states that any money added to the account through this 400% bonus must be used on slots games, progressive slots, scratch card games, and keno games. While other sites will bury this information in the fine print, Vegas Online Casino is happy to provide customers will all the details about their promotion up front.

Players who are just joining Vegas Online Casino may add money to their account for the first seven days and claim the 400% deposit bonus. They can earn as much as $10,000 in free money. For example, a player whose first week deposits add up to $2,500 will get an additional $10,000 in their betting account thanks to the site.

A general rule among online casinos sees the wagering requirements and deposit match percentage fluctuate. A deposit bonus offer with low wagering requirements usually has a low percentage deposit match. Vegas Online Casino is seeking to do the opposite. They are offering a high deposit match percentage along with a low wagering requirement.

Wins from Gambling and Trading Don’t Last Forever

Gambler handExcept professional gamblers who play for clubs and casinos, gambling is an interesting pass time for people to indulge in, whenever they have extra funds. Even the best gamblers understand that their winning streaks do not last long and sooner or later they are likely to hit a roadblock. Every gambler has his/her own preferences for gambling as some prefer lotteries and slot machines while others like betting on card tables. Players understand that their odds of winning are very less but like to indulge in this sport for the thrill and excitement of participation. Just as winning abilities of gamblers are not sustainable for a long time the successes rate of forex traders too is unpredictable.


Practice improves gambling skills

Professional gamblers are the only rare survivors who play card games for a living and know that they need to play by a certain code to survive in this game of chance. These players carry out exhaustive research to understand odds in card games and generally hone their skills under experienced players before striking it out on their own. With practice and determination they develop patience to keep their emotions under check bring discipline into their game. Smart gamblers and traders rarely use their first earnings to bet again and know that it is their lifeline and has to be protected. According to Max McKegg, successful gamblers know when the right time to leave their table is and how greed can ruin their game.


Currency trading the new gambling choice

The average players will try their odds on every card table at a casino or bet on every horse at a race whereas the professional knows which tables and horses have the best odds. Currency trading is a trading activity in which people from all walks of life try their luck by relying on skill instead of luck. Currency traders also have to do their homework well and study market conditions before making sales and purchases. It is said that even forex trading has a very small percentage of winners and the traders have to be strongly disciplined to achieve success and money. For professional gamblers and forex traders losses and gains are a part of life and the only cautionary path they follow is to cut losses at right time and take a break.