Betting on eSports: A Potentially Lucrative Market

Competitive video game tournaments are all the rage these days, and the wagering industry is paying very close attention to this emerging industry. The top eSports video game players compete at levels similar to those of professional sports leagues: there are cash prizes, endorsement deals, sponsors, bylines to follow, and even uniforms.

betting on esports

eSports tournaments also enjoy plenty of attention from fans who follow the action and even support their favorite gamers. All in all, the eSports industry seems predisposed to mass entertainment and wagering. In fact, some betting shops are already trying their hand at handling eSports wagering action, and the early results are very promising.

Making Wagering Mainstream and Appealing

Over the last few decades, bookmakers and sportsbooks around the world have been looking for ways to increase their offerings to players. The major betting shops in Ireland and in the United Kingdom have expanded their wagering lines to include more than just horse races, European football, cricket, and the major professional sports leagues of the United States; these days, bookmakers are also taking action on major events such as presidential elections and even the Oscars.

The betting shops that handle exotic lines such as presidential elections and the Oscars are likely to include eSports in the near future. In fact, two of the biggest names in the betting world are already doing so: William Hill in the UK and Paddy Power in Ireland, and their competitors are already looking into this possibility.

If anything, betting on eSports can be considered more traditional than betting on the Oscars, and this inclusion is part of a greater effort to make wagering more appealing to everyone. The idea is to make betting an activity that anyone can enjoy.