Adam Meyer Indicted For Threat and Extortion by Wisconsin Client

Gambling advisor Adam Meyer, till recently regarded as the guru of sports betting who could predict winning teams with 60 percent accuracy giving him a nationwide fan following, has been indicted in Wisconsin for threatening a customer and also for extortion and fraud. Through his Real Money Sports Inc. he has been charging gamblers annual fees of around $25000 to provide tips about sports betting. His self-proclaimed “sports handicap” helped him predict local games for which clients would give a standard fee and he considered himself to be a “sporting consultant to stars”. Though Adam Meyers has a large client base of celebrities, he has been charged with extortion and threats in the past.


Adam Meyer Indicted For Threat and Extortion

Details of charges against Meyer

A customer who has been with Meyer since 2007 has accused him of embezzling nearly $25 million and threatening him with violence for more. He has been charged with extortion and racketeering by the client who stated that Meyer. He has been accused of fraud over wire, radio, and television to attract customers and cheat them with false hopes. The last threat which was issued in 2012 was in the presence of Meyer and an associate where the latter threatened the man with a gun forcing him to send around $ 9.8 million to Florida.


Previous accusations against Adam Meyer

Meyer’s name came under public scrutiny during the Ponzi scheme of Nevin Shapiro involving nearly $800 million, which was a major scandal involving football and basketball teams of University of Miami. The popular TV sports host had to pay $900,000 to put an end to his involvement in the case, which involved match fixing by coaches and assistants. Besides these sports betting accusations Adam has also been arrested for domestic abuse and non-payment of betting markers by Nevada gaming firms.